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Common formats of vector art

* .bw

It is a black and white graphic file format containing various pixel information.

* .ai (Illustrator)

It is a graphic file format in Illustrator, that is, a vector file format generated by Illustrator software. It can beopened, edited, modified, etc. with Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop.

* .cdr (CorelDraw)

It is a graphic file format in CorelDraw and a graphic image file format that can be used in all CorelDraw 


* .col (Color Map File)

It is a palette file format created by Autodesk Animator, Autodesk Animator Pro and other programs, which stores the RGB values of various items in the palette.

* .dwg, which is a graphic file format used in AutoCAD.

*. dxb (drawing interchange binary), it is a drawing file format created by AutoCAD.

* .dxf (Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format), which is a graphics file format in AutoCAD, stores graphics in 

ASCII mode, is very accurate in expressing the size of graphics, and can be called and edited by large software such as CorelDraw and 3DS.

* .wmf (Windows Metafile Format)

* .wmf is a common metafile format in Microsoft Windows. It has the characteristics of short files and pattern modeling. The entire graphic is often composed of individual components, but its graphics are often rough and can only be Call editing in Microsoft Office.

* .emf (Enhanced MetaFile)

* .emf is a Windows 32-bit extended metafile format developed by Microsoft Corporation. Its overall design goal is to make up for the deficiencies of the * .wmf file format used in Microsoft Windows 3.1 (Win16), making the metafile easier to use.

* .eps (Encapsulated PostScript)

* .eps is an ASCII graphics file format described in PostScript language. It can print high-quality graphics images on PostScript graphics printers, and can represent up to 32-bit graphics images. The format is divided into PhotoShop EPS format (Adobe Illustrator Eps) and standard EPS format, among which standard EPS format can be divided into graphic format and image format. It is worth noting that only EPS files in image format can be opened in PhotoShop.

The * .eps format contains two parts: the first part is a low-resolution image displayed on the screen, which is convenient for preview and positioning during image processing; the second part contains separate data for each color separation. *. The eps file is stored in the form of DCS / CMYK. The file contains separate data for the four colors of CMYK, and the four-color mesh can be output directly. However, in addition to being more reliable on PostScript printers,The * .eps format has many defects: first, the efficiency of storing images in the * .eps format is particularly low; second, the compression scheme of the * .eps format is also poor. Generally, the same image is compressed 

by * .tiff LZW, which is better than The .eps image is 3 to 4 times smaller.


Filmstrip is a slide, which is an output file format in Premiere. Premiere outputs the animation as a long vertical bar composed of independent squares. Each frame is a frame. The lower left corner of each frame is the time code, and the lower right corner is the frame number. You can load files in this format in PhotoShop, and then use PhotoShop's unique processing functions to process them. However, the size of the filmstrip file must not be changed. If it is changed, the picture cannot be saved back to the flimstrip format and the 

Premiere cannot be returned.

* .ico (Icon file), it is the icon file format of Windows.

* .iff (Image File Format) is a graphics file format used on super graphics processing platforms such as Amiga. 

Hollywood special effects movies are mostly processed in this format, which can realistically reproduce the original scene. Of course, this format also consumes huge amounts of computer resources such as memory and external memory.

* .lbm is a graphic file format used in Deluxe Paint, and its encoding method is similar to * .iff.

* .mag is a graphic file format commonly used by Japanese people.

* .mac (Macintosh), is a grayscale graphics file format used in Macintosh, used in Macintosh paintbrush, its resolution can only be 720 × 567.

* .mpt (Macintosh Paintbrush) is a graphics file format used in Macintosh.

* .msk (Mask Data File) is a graphic file format in Animator Pro, which contains a bitmap graphic.

* .opt / *. twe

* .opt (Optics Menu Settings File) *. twe (Tween Data File) is a graphic file format created by Animator Pro.

* .ply (Polygon File) is a graphic file format created by Animator Pro, which contains information about a series 

of points used to describe polygons.

* .pbm / *. pgm / *. ppm, (Portable Pixmap) graphics file format.

* .pcd (Kodak PhotoCD, is a Photo CD file format, developed by Kodak, other software systems can only read it. 

This format is mainly used to store color scan images on CD-ROM, it uses YCC color The mode defines the 

colors in the image.Most Photo CD images are of very high quality, and the cost of scanning a roll of film into a Photo CD file is not high, but the quality of the scan depends on the type of film used and the level of operation of the scanner user.

* .pcx (PC Paintbrush) / *. pcc, the earliest is a compressed PC bitmap file format supported by Zsoft's PC Paintbrush graphics software. Later, Microsoft transplanted PC Paintbrush to the Windows environment, and the * .pcx image format was supported by more graphics and image processing software. The number of colors supported by this format has grown from the earliest 16 colors to 16.77 million colors. It uses a run-length encoding scheme for compression, with a 128-byte file header.

* .pic is a graphic file format that contains uncompressed image information.

* .pict / *. pict2 / *. pnt

* .pict file format is mainly used on Mac machines, and can also be used on PCs with Quick Time installed. Files in this format are not suitable for printing (if you print files in * .pict format on a PostScript printer, it will cause PostSlipt errors), and are often used in multimedia projects. * .pict is also one of the formats used by Mac applications for image display.

* .pdd, like * .psd, is a dedicated graphics file format in PhotoShop software, which can save every small part of image data, including layers, additional mask channels and other content It will be lost when saving to other formats. In addition, because these two formats are native format files supported by PhotoShop, PhotoShop can open and store them at a faster rate than other formats. The only regret is that although PhotoShop applies compression technology in the calculation process, the image files stored in these two formats are still particularly large. However, storing images in these two formats will not cause any data loss, so when you are in the editing process, it is best to choose these two formats for saving, and then convert them to occupy less disk space and better storage quality Other file formats.

* .pxr (PiXaR), maybe only PIXAR workstation users are more familiar with the file format * .pxr, which supports grayscale and RGB color images. You can open a * .pxr image created by PIXAR workstation in PhotoShop, or you can use * .pxr format to store the image file for delivery to the workstation.

* .ras / * .raw

* .ras (Sun Raster files) / * .raw (Raw GrayScale) graphics file format.

Scitex CT

Scitex CT is an image file format created on the Scitex high-end prepress workstation, which is mainly used for image editing and color separation. Scitex CT images are always opened in CMYK mode, if they will eventually return to Scitex system, please keep their CMYK mode. You can use PhotoShop to open and edit Scitex CT images.

* .tga (Tagged Graphic)

* .tga is an image file format developed by True Vision for its graphics card. It was created earlier and the maximum number of colors can reach 32 bits, including 8-bit alpha channel for displaying live TV. The format has been widely used in various fields of PCs, and the format file makes it possible for Windows and 3DS to exchange image files. You can first generate colorful * .tga files in 3DS, and then use PhotoShop, Freeherd, Painter and other application software to modify and render in Windows.

* .win is a graphic file format similar to * .tga.

* .xbm (X BitMap) is a graphic file format.